monkey business

Friday, August 25, 2006


Yesterday was the first day of school. It was pretty good. I'm almost the size of some of the sixth graders. Most are a little taller though.(But I'm in eighth grade!) Oh well. There's good sides and bad sides to being small. One of my teachers from sixth grade, Mrs. Grulke, said by the time I'm in eighth grade, I would be as tall as everyone else. She said that to cheer me up. ( It's a little embarrassing when you can't reach the calculators even when you jump and others bent down to get theirs.) At the end of school today I measured up to a sixth grader and she was taller than me. My next goal is by the time I'm in high school.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All Set!!

School starts soon. August 24 to be exact. Daniel and I got registered yesterday. Daniel also got a car. It needs some fixing but it's pretty good for a first car. The thing is ....he doesn't have a licence! Mom and dad said when he gets his room done he can go and try to get his licence. I got a nice schedule this year. For the past two years I have had a hard time getting to classes and not getting to stop for like a drink. This year All the classes are right next to each other . The farthest class is the first one so I have like ten minutes to get there. I also have all of my classes except choir with my friend, Sarah. Sydney is on my school team too. Chelsea isn't though.(Syd and Chelse are my other friends from school.) We finished getting school supplies for me yesterday. I guess that means I'm all set!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Two Weddings and a Room

Man, I had a boring week... until Wednesday. You see, I got into my new room and had to move out of the others. This was easier said than done. My parents call me pigpen. That's because I am very messy. Daniel has a trashed room... but that's it. Me, on the other hand, trash the entire house. So it takes a while to get it all cleaned up.So guess What I was doing this week. Yup, cleaningthe rooms. Lots of fun huh? Anyway, at the end of service, Kent and Kang Hee wanted to talk to dad. Can you guess why? They wanted to get married! Well if you thought that was cool, get this. My dad asked when and they said tomarrow! They also wanted to do it at our house! Thats pretty neat. The only problem is.... that means double time on working. The next day was crazy because Daniel was at band camp and dad was busy most of the day, so it was mom and I that had to do most of the work. which was the entire downstairs. We had to clean it and decorate it. The wedding turned out great! The next day we had to clean what was left of the wedding and go back to work upstairs. Then Saturday came.Mom and I went shopping for some school clothes. Surprisingly, I had to go back from large and extra large to medium.Its kind of funny because the same thing happened to Daniel. Anyway,we had picked that day because Katie Wade was modeling at the mall for Sears and I wanted to see her. I was supposed to be there at 12:00p.m. Well, I got there at 12:16 and I was there for the last girl modeling and Dora the explorer. I ahd missed Katie. I was kind of upset about that but I had tried. Well, I tried to catch her at Sears.(I guessed that's where she would be.) We saw her but she had already changed. At least I could tell her I tried to see her.When we got home I found out we had another wedding to go to.But this one was in Monmoth at a park. The Karns were there. Jay Cee looked so cute as the flower girl. Hunter ,Brock ,and Tanner looked handsome in their suites too. The wedding was neat. After the wedding, we went out to eat at coconuts. It was good. Then Jay Cee and I decided to check out the up stairs to the shop. We could never find the end! It was so cool! then we went home and to bed.
So there you have it pretty weird huh? I mean have you ever had a week like that? Well, today I got the last room finished, so I'm not grounded anymore either. Great huh?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This summer

This summer has been a blast. I mean I've been gone 33 days. 5 at New York,5 at camp meeting, 5 at youth camp, 11 at florida and 7 at Bahamas. I have to admit I got prettty homesick at times but overall I did okay. At New York I sang at Carnegie Hall. At campmeeting I saw old friends and made new ones. At youth camp Daniel and I made Camper of the Year and got a free scholarship for next year. On our way to Florida we got to stop at my family's house and go to Six Flags.And lastly we had an absolute blast at the Bahamas. We met a lady named Wanda. She was a native from the Island. She invited us to a party for the locals. We also met a family from Florida .Their names were: Matt , Denise, Donny, Alyssa, and Brittany (sorry if I misspelled the names.) They were really nice. I guess you could say God blessed us big time this year (not that he doesn't every day).