monkey business

Friday, June 02, 2006

New York!!!

I just got back from New York and man was it cool! There were what seemed like thousands of people everywhere.Now in the beginning, I have to admit I was a little nervous to go to the big apple at first,but who wouldn't be?My parents didn't go with me. My teacher, Mrs. Hickey, and my friends mom, Cindy, watched me. I went with Carl Sandburg Childrens Choir.
The day we left for New York, I got up at 2:15a.m.I couldn't sleep on the bus or the plane.I was to exited.When we got to New Jersey airport we took a charter bus to New York City and then to our hotel, The Grand Hyat Hotel....I think. We dropped our bags off and went off site seeing. That day I said hello to about 40 people. Most people smiled at me. Others stopped and talked. Some people thought I was nuts!
The next day we had our first practice. You see we went to New York tosing at Carnegie Hall. Both oractices were about 6 hours long! We had an hour to eat. After practice, we went to see if we could get tickets to see of we could get broadway tickets. We ended up getting tickets from this man on the street. It was a new show, Tarzan.We had awesome seats! The show was great!
The next day we had our second practice. Then Cindy, Ryan, Anna, and I went to see the empire state building. I got my picture with King Kong! Then we went back to our hotel to check on Mrs. Hickey. She wasn't feeling well. That's why she didn't come. She felt better. Mrs.Hickey, Ryan, and I went to get something to eat so Cindy and Anna could have time alone. Then I went to my room.
The next day was the day. The day we would sing in Carnegie hall. We had to do a dress rehersal but then we could do whatever until 6:45p.m. We went to see if we could watch Spiderman 3 be filmed. Well, we didn't see that until later butbefore that we saw the toy store and we walked passed central park. The toy store was awesome! Then we went back to our rooms to get ready. When I got on stage , my heart was pounding! Every detail in the building was amazing.The concert went great. After the concert we got on a bus to take a cruise around Ellis Island. It was beutiful!
I think my trip went great! When we got home everything seemed quiet because we were used to the noise. I was glad to see my family again.