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Friday, May 05, 2006

Five year old facts

Did you Know at five your world changes? Well, it did for me anyway.

1. At five, you better not put your spoon in your cereal or it will melt away.
I used to think if I out my spoon in the milk it had melted away since I couldn't see it any more. I would keep jerking it out until one day when I left the spoon in for over 30 seconds and it was still there. Boy, was that a relief!
2.Did you know at five, if you looked out the car window, the sky would change colors?
When dad would let me sit up front, I liked to look out the windsheild...but when I looked at the top of the windsheild,the sky turned blue!
3. You better swing high on the swing or someone will push you out!!!!!!!
I've always loved swinging ,but what people didn't know was I swang really high because a teacher pushed me so high I almost fell off.

I was telling my parents about this a while agoand I thought you guys would want to know this. So if you guys have five year olds pass on the from a former one because Iyou might just see them frantically pulling their spoon out.

see ya!